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Neck Pain & Headaches

“I hobbled in to Dr. Tu's office in December 2008.  I had been living on Ibuprofen and was in constant pain.  Not only did Dr. Charmaine straighten me out (pun intended) she continued to work on me regularly until my pain was gone.  The best part was that my migraine headaches disappeared and I had no idea that they were a related symptom of my tight neck and shoulders!  My ibuprofen bottle is collecting dust, and I am thrilled.  Dr. Charmaine has an intelligent, caring, compassionate approach, and I always recommend her services !  Guinness is a bonus too.  :  )”

-Daryl C., Menlo Park

Low Back Pain

“I had acute lower back pain brought on by a wrong move during a yoga session.  Dr. Charmaine helped me manage this and other incidents and has saved me time on the road to recovery.  She has also helped me become more aware of oncoming low intensity problems.  She was very effective in releasing the accumulated misalignments before they created some real issues.  I would absolutely recommend chiropractic for anybody who has a body!”

-Andreas G., Mountain View

Thorough Evaluation

“I have been to a number of chiropractors in my day, but I have to say - Dr. Charmaine stands out!  She really took the time to get a full history on me.  Another big distinction is that she does not rush you in and out with her hand on the exam room door as so many others do.  (The ones who convey the message, "Oh yes, you're my 2:35 pm neck"  Crack Crack and they're off at 2:45 pm!)  The other part I really appreciate is the education and emphasis on wellness and maintenance suggestions she gives me to practice throughout the week.  She is a breath of fresh air - her positive energy is contagious.  The icing on the cake is being able to pet her majestic chocolate lab, Guinness!”

-Jan F., Los Altos

Getting to the finish line

“Dr. Tu is the only chiropractor you need to see:

I first saw Dr. Tu last year for neck and upper back pain. I had suffered regularly from tension headaches and took way too many anti-inflammatories. Dr. Tu provided quick relief to my age-old problems and then provided me with tools for maintaining good muscle and structural health. Dr. Tu has a can-do (will-do) attitude toward eliminating pain. She is very bright and an enthusiastic expert in her field. Dr. Tu also greatly assisted me in completing the 2009 New York City Marathon. She advised me on stretching, icing and, most importantly, not giving up or giving in to the pain associated with marathoning. It is excellent corrective and preventative care. Go see Dr. Tu.”

-Terry A., San Jose

Road to Health & Wellness

“Visits to Dr. Charmaine Tu's office are like tune ups for the spine. and how much more important is my spine than my car to me?  Very knowledgeable and patient with her clients, Dr. Charmaine has helped with my pain management and general health for the past four years at another facility and moved her practice in August 2007. If i could give her service more than 5 stars, I would!”

-Jeff W., San Francisco

A Real Difference

“Due to a number of sports injuries I have been going to chiropractors for the past 30+ years. I have been seen by a dozen or more over the years in various cities and Dr. Tu is the best. She is knowledgeable and has excellent technique. I see her for everything. I notice that when I am in alignment my body heals itself. I go to her when I have a cold or the flu and she puts me in line and I can feel myself start to feel better immediately and on the way to recovery. If you are looking for a chiropractor Dr. Tu is the one you should go to. She has the spirit of a healer and that makes a huge difference.”

-Michael J., Menlo Park


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